ZDL is a team of young architects who, starting from their own energy, knowledge, desire for improvement, openness to new ideas and experiences, are trying to convey the same to the environment in which they live and work by creating spaces that entertain clients.

The studio based in Rijeka was founded by architect Siniša Zdjelar in 2011. Through many years of working in the field, he has won numerous awards in architectural competitions and has gained experience in residential, hotel-tourism, business, business-commercial, sports and public architecture.

The cultural diversity of the city of Rijeka has determined the mode of operation and creativity of the studio. Thus, themes of complexity and diversity run across all projects, and special attention is given to design in the broadest context possible: the sociocultural, economic and physical.

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photos:  Damir Plavotić

Project team

Siniša Zdjelar, licensed architect, owner

Antonija Plavotić, licensed architect

Izabela Bačić, chief of administration

Ariana Antić, architect associate

Ana Burić, architect

Flavia Buneta, civil engineer

Lucia Pešo, architect

Margareta Gudac, architect

Marijana Zorić,architect

Mate Viduka, architect

Tomislav Matijević, licensed civil engineer